Glass And Steel And Life


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Title: “Glass And Steel And Life”

Artist: SCli

Medium: Digital print on paper

Dimensions: 16×20 inches

Description: “Glass And Steel And Life” is a stunning digital print that transports the viewer into a world of sleek, modern architecture. The print features three futuristic buildings, each with a unique color hue. The first building has a striking red hue, adding a vibrant and eye-catching element to the print. The second building is a shimmering gold, giving it a luxurious and sophisticated appearance. The third building is a darker gold, creating a bold and powerful contrast to the other two buildings. Together, they form a trio that feels like they are from another dimension.

Despite the futuristic style of the buildings, the time of day and the industrial colors used in the print firmly anchor it in the present. The scene is set during the day, with bright sunlight illuminating the sleek designs of the buildings. The industrial color scheme further adds to the futuristic feel of the artwork, creating a sense of progress and technological advancement.

Signature: SCli’s signature is inscribed on the lower right of the print. The print is titled and signed again on the reverse side.

This digital print is perfect for those who appreciate contemporary art and architecture, and it will make a bold statement in any modern home or office. By supporting me you’re helping me take care of my family, Thank you!



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