Relaxing In The Sun


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Title: “Relaxing In The Sun”

Artist: SCli (American, 2021)

Medium: Digital print on paper

Dimensions: 16×20 inches

Description: “Relaxing In The Sun” is a beautiful and vibrant digital print that captures the essence of summer. The artwork features a walking path next to the ocean, with a stunning yellow sunflower taking in the sun amidst a backdrop of other sunflowers. In the background, a well-aged tree stands tall, hosting a family of stalks, adding depth to the scene. The lush greenery and warm color palette evoke a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

The print is a perfect representation of nature’s beauty and the joys of summer. The striking contrast between the yellow sunflower and the blue sky and ocean creates a bold and stunning effect. The use of digital technology adds depth and detail to the image, with a particular focus on creating an oil painting.

Signature: SCli’s signature is inscribed on the lower right of the print. The print is titled and signed again on the reverse side.



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