The View Of A Tree


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Title: “The View Of A Tree”

Artist: SCli (American, 2021)

Medium: Digital print on paper

Dimensions: 16×20 inches

Description: “The View Of A Tree” is a stunning and captivating digital print that captures the beauty of nature. The artwork features a vibrant blue sky and lush green grass, with multiple trees scattered throughout the scene. One tree, in particular, is almost centered in the image, drawing the viewer’s attention and providing a focal point. The image is vast and expansive, with mountains visible in the distance.

With cool digital tools, the print has been digitally enhanced to create an oil painting-like effect, adding depth and dimension to the image. The unique and captivating effect invites the viewer to imagine themselves in the idyllic scene and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Signature: SCli’s signature is inscribed on the lower right of the print. The print is titled and signed again on the reverse side.



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